[LoL] Khan’s Wrath [Support Alistar]

League of Legends

Episode #1

“Khan’s Wrath”

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Khan’s Dominion #3 – Lame Speed Cap Tactic ?!

In this video I go over a common strategy being used in dominion right now of speed stacking to get over-cap your opponents, which is a strategy that I find kind of lame due to the fact that it involves less fighting and more running. I was basically forced into Boots of mobility and double Zeal.

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Khan’s Rift #1 – Support Taric ?!

Hello Everyone,

Got some more League of Legends footage for you here, and I’d also like to inform you all that I’ve been streaming like a bastard several hours at a time in my own stream ( http://twitch.tv/rurikhan ). So I expect to see YOU there.

Anyways in this video you’ll see me run a Support Taric in a matchup that turned out to be amazing imho, hope you enjoy.

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Khan’s Dominion #2 – Mess with the Bull and get the Horns …

On my second dominion match I got a friend to back me up, things went considerable smoother once we didn’t have the random 4v5 situation … like the title says …you mess with the Bull …

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[LoL] Khan’s Dominion #1 – “Le Fail…” 4v5

This is my very first Dominion match, didn’t go that well, but I still thought it was pretty entertaining, and Dominion just ROCKS UR SOCKS!

It’s a lot more fast paced than Summoner’s Rift, it basically pumps your adrenaline levels a lot more than summoner’s rift by skipping the laning phases. Check out the video.

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