Down The Scope #34 – Are you a Proud or Ashamed Gamer?

And here’s another episode of Down the Scope, remember to leave me feedback of whether you enjoy this podcast or not, the content in this website is meant to entertain YOU!
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Rurikhan, Cromar, PureShield, George, Anakinnnn on Down The Scope!

Hey guys,

This is a little bonus here, basically Anakinnnn runs a podcast called Down The Scope and he invited me a couple of other TGN personalities to join him in the podcast. Check it out and tell me what you think.


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Black Ops of FAIL! : Episode 1

By popular request, here’s another black ops video, I got some plans for making a few more of these, I’m slowly getting into shooters, and failing my way through them is the only way to get better it seems … tips appreciated !

Thanks for watching.

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Rurikhan Fails at Call of Duty !

In this video I do commentary on a multiplayer match I made while playing Black Ops, I’m not all that good and you will see me fail quite a lot, however, this is what you asked for and this is what I present to you.
Hope you guys enjoy.

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