Abusing SC 2 Matchmaking System ?

So today I have something to report regarding Starcraft 2’s matchmaking system. Now in a way, every gamer will always strive for perfection if he’s trying to master a game, always trying to improve himself in every possible way.

In starcraft 2’s multiplayer matches, this is achieved by playing against people that are better than you, sometimes winning, other times loosing. Battle.net has a matchmaking system similar to World of Warcraft’s arena matchmaking system, which basically you queue up for your battle of choice (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4) and the system will compare your (or your team’s) statistics with those of other players seeking to do battle. (press read more for the rest of the article)

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Starcraft 2, Map Hack ?

Here’s something I would rather not talk about, but must, if only to raise awareness.

There’s apparently a map hack going around in Starcraft 2, obviously being used by players who don’t even know the meaning of the word gaming, and must resort to every single tool they can find to get an edge over their competition.

Some people seem to think that gaming is all about winning at any cost, forgetting the essence of the game. Gaming was never about winning, obviously winning is a big plus, but gaming is about having fun, not winning. (press read more for video)

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