Wing Commander Saga – Darkest Dawn, Brimstone 3

Wing Commander : Darkest Dawn
Brimstone 3

The Game is coming out on March 22nd!
Don’t miss out:

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Wing Commander Saga – Darkest Dawn Brimstone 1

And today for something completely different, meet Wing Commander Saga, a space combat simulator developed by Gamers, for Gamers.

If you were a fan of the Wing Commander series, you simply can’t miss this game, and if you weren’t a fan, you’re in luck, because it’s not too late, and this project will be completely free on launch, so check it out, you might just find that you are actually a fan of Wing Commander!

Want more Wing Commander? ➜

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TERA: Secret Base Instance!

Hey Guys,

So today we have the first TERA Instance, Secret Base. The video is Intentionally long so you can get a good feel for several classes in the game in a Dungeon environment.

There’s two videos in this post, a Trailer and the Full Dungeon Run.
So if you just want a quick peek, see the trailer, if you want the full thing, watch the full run!

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TERA: First Impressions Popori Warrior

So I got a BETA key for TERA through TGN and I got some footage, although if I am to be completely honest about TERA, I was a little bit disappointed.

Best combat I’ve seen in a long time for an MMO, but apart from that …
I Like the fantasy setting, I like the look and feel, animations are also exceptional, but the questing feels too grindy IMHO.

More TERA Videos soon.

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Tera: Release Date Announced

TERA now has an official release date! So I decided to make this teaser video for TGN.

What do you guys think about it? Are you interested in TERA? Yes? No? Why?
Personally I’m into the combat, but I don’t know much of anything else in all honestly lol.

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Tera Show – News and Updates

And here’s another TERA Show, where we are covering some of the updates released recently in a newsletter.

In this show, we feature myself, Chris and the man with the plan, my boss, George.

Hope you guys enjoy.

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[TERA] Tera Show with Rurikhan and Chris (aka SideStrafe)

This post contains the two first episodes of the TERA Show I’m working on with Chris. In these we speculate about a lot of possibilities this game might have.

Hope you guys enjoy.

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