Orcs Must Die

New Game Plus

“Orcs Must Die”

Platforms: PC

The show where Rurikhan brings you both the new and old, giving you something to look forward too and something to remember. Hopefully along the way you will get to experience things you’ve never experienced before.

This Episode is about Orcs Must Die, leave a suggestion in the comments with a title you’d like to see included in NG+. If it’s a title I own, I’ll do my best to do an episode on it.

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League of Legends: Nidalee + Soraka = “Nidaka”

In this video Hengest and me make a double commentary from a match where we were practicing with the TGN Squadron. It was my second time playing Soraka and it felt like a really fun match, what do you guys think about it?

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League of Legends: Khan’s Legend #12 (SR) – Kog’maw Second Game …

In this episode we go with Kog’maw because someone stole Sona and insta-locked thus preventing me from playing support.
However I have to say, for my secondgame as Kog’maw … I didn’t play as badas I expected, so I thought I’d share the video. Unfortunately the match overall was nor particularly interesting, so I commented only over the highlights, lemme know how you guys enjoyed it!

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League of Legends: Khan’s Legend #11 (SR) – Taric Supports!

In this episode we go Taric, because I hadn’t played Taric in a while and I won’t to specialize myself in support roles, most likely I will be buying Sona and Soraka soon, so that I may have a bigger array of support champions.
I dunno why but I just like playing support …

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Khan’s Legend #10 (TT) – Bust a Barrel in your face!

In this episode I grab my Gragas on the Twisted Treeline, which is a map I very rarely play and start to bust out barrels all over people’s faces!

Gotta say I love that satisfying Explosion of awesomeness while I bust out multis that wreck havoc on the enemy team.

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Khan’s Legend #9 – Random … Irelia? Sure, why not?!

In this video I just grabbed random Irelia and had so much fun that ended up commenting the match for my Khan’s Legend series.
Let me know what you think!

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Khan’s Rift #5 – Crescendo of Doom!

In this video I play Support Sona because Jeff requested me to play Sona as a support for the TGN squadron, however since that happened things have changed, and apparently Gragas is actually going to be my main for Ranked play, so I’m actually quite happy about that, I think it’s time I did a Gragas Bonanza of Videos.

Hope you guys enjoy nonetheless.
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Khan’s Rift #4 – Arcane Beatdown!

In this video I lay down the Arcane Beatdown. Naysayers and trash talkers alike, get your theories proven wrong.

Several people have told me how much they feel that Ezreal is a weak champion, this should prove them wrong … I mean, it was played in the US Realms with a constant 250+ ms so … yeah, get ROCKED.

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Khan’s Rift #3 – Shen, the Ninja Tank…

In this video I play Shen, I had very recently started trying him out and I have to say the Ninja Tank is ridiculously fun, and I just love the playstyle he brings to the table. Also trying to improve on my action ‘e-sports’ style of commentary. Leave me your feedback and make sure to follow me on http://twitch.tv/rurikhan because a lot of these matches are played live.

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Rurikhan’s Garen, LoL!

Hey guys,

Some of you suggested I tried out Garen because he kinda feels like an arms Warrior … well here it is, the facecheckers worst nightmare, the Garen of doom.
Also, I’ve started played a lot more seriously in Europe, because the ping simply cannot be compared. Hope you guys enjoy.
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