NG+ : WipEout HD Fury

New Game Plus

“WipEout HD Fury”

The show where Rurikhan brings you both the new and old, giving you something to look forward too and something to remember. Hopefully along the way you will get to experience things you’ve never experienced before.

This Episode is about WipEout HD Fury, leave a suggestion in the comments with a title you’d like to see included in NG+. If it’s a title I own, I’ll do my best to do an episode on it.

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[Wildcards] Battlefield : Bad Company 2

For everyone that missed it @ here’s the very first episode Co-op mode, featuring Rurikhan and Sidestrafe on Battlefield : Bad Company 2, kicking ass and shooting people in the face.

Remember to checkout because we took a long time building it for your viewing pleasure.


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[F2P] Allods Tripple Threat, Divine Souls, War Inc

Hello Everyone,

In these videos we got :
– A three way commentary with me, Hengest and Chris (TGN Directors) of Allods. I know some of you don’t really like the F2P content I’m covering, but I’d really appreciate if at the very least you’d watch this one because I’ve put a lot of time into it.
– A Divine Souls video of me playing a Fighter with a friend playing a Slasher.
– A Warinc video which is a brand new F2P shooter.

Beneath each video is a link to take you to a page where you can download the game in case you’re interested in any of these games.

Thanks for watching.
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