Magicka PvP, the LOL edition – Rurikhan, Hengest, Big C.

Hey guys,

On this one, me, Hengest and Big C duke it out on the Magicka Arena, the video is hilarious, too bad Big C didn’t have the balls to keep on going, he ran home to his mommy after getting his ass handed to him repeatedly …

Just kidding Big C, love ya <3.

Hope you guys enjoy, cheers.

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Something Wild is on the Horizon …

Here’s the explanation of the phrase I kept mentioning in my last Rurikhan Show. Rurikhan and Sidestrafe’s joint venture. The Wild Cards.

Please check it out, let us know what you think, leave us some feedback, all the links you need are below the video.

Also for a chance at wining a copy of ‘Half Life 2’ or ‘Half Life Life 2: Episode 1’ make sure to follow wildcardstv on twitter and like us on facebook.

Thanks for watching !

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[F2P] Prius Online, WarInc Promos & Community play, Mythos Show

This post contains the following videos :
– Mythos Show – A Mythos series i’m working on.
– WarInc community Play – A video edited and organized by Khaoticdeath where we play with TGN fans (I’m just playing in this video, didn’t do any hard work, ehehe).
– WarInc Promo – A Promo I made with Chris (aka Sidestrafe) for WarInc.
– WarInc Armory, etc – A video I made for WarInc detailing several game features.
– Prius Online – Game features – A video I made for Prius Online explain what this MMO brings to the table.
– Prius Online – Prologue – A Video I made to comment on the prologue of this game.

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[F2P] Allods, Divine Souls and Forsaken World

This post will be something I will be doing on a regular basis to sort of compile all the videos I’ve been making on free to play games.

The reason I’m trying to cram everything into a single post is because I think you guys would rather have it that way. I personally would prefer to separate these on a ‘per game’ kind of posts, but I think you would all just hate me and throw pineapples at my face !

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