Rurikhan’s Garen, LoL!

Hey guys,

Some of you suggested I tried out Garen because he kinda feels like an arms Warrior … well here it is, the facecheckers worst nightmare, the Garen of doom.
Also, I’ve started played a lot more seriously in Europe, because the ping simply cannot be compared. Hope you guys enjoy.
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Rurikhan Show – “Diamonds falling out of their feet …”

Hello Guys,

Heres Rurikhan Show #11. Check it out, leave me your comments. I know I’m taking my time with these, I’ve just been really busy this week, doing TGN live streams and whatnot.
Hope you guys enjoy!

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Rurikhan’s Gragas, LoL!

Hello everyone,

This video is basically about … DOING BARREL ROLLS!
You guys get some Dwarven League of Legends action in here, make sure to leave your comments, thank you for watching!

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[LoL] TGN vs. Fans, and links to TGN Squad Skirmishes.

Hey guys,

Here’s a long match with me, Hengest and Cromar, you’ll be seeing everything from my point of view.

There’s several more videos featuring me in the league of legends show so if you want to see more, make sure to click read more, the links will be below the video, the only LoL videos I’ll feature in the website will be the ones from my POV because I already know what you guys think when I post stuff from other people in here :P.

Hope you guys enjoy, I sure did, cheers.

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