[RR] Bioshock Infinite Gameplay Commentary

In this video I do some commentary on the Bioshock Gameplay Video that’s been circling the interwebz. Most of you have probably seen the video I’m going to be commenting, however you still haven’t seen my commentary, and I hope you guys enjoy it.

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[RRP] EA Sports MMA

In this episode of Rurikhan’s Raging preview we’re going to be discussing an upcoming title from EA Sports. MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts, is a fighting title that seems to be going after a piece of the UFC 2011 pie, but do it’s punches strike their target ? Or is it a mere victim of a UFC takedown ?
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[RRR] God of War 3 – More Gore !

Here’s the review of one of the games that made me bought my PS3, and yes I know I’ve said the same thing about Demon’s Souls, but God of War 3 was also a big deciding factor on my purchase.

God of war 3 is one of those games that you will likely never forget, regardless of how many titles you play.

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[RRR] Demon’s Souls, putting the HARD back in HARDCORE.

Demon’s Souls, developed by ‘From Software’ and so far published by three different publishers depending on where you happen to purchase it, it is one of the few Playstation games that’s region locked, which means, depending on which version you purchase, you’re stuck with playing online only with people from that same version.

Now before I purchased my Playstation a friend of mine had already told me this game was awesome and hard, and after watching a lot of reviews, this game was actually, one of many, deciding factors that actually made me buy my Playstation 3.
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Playstation Move

So I got some feedback on my previous review regarding the PS Move, where some people thought I was maybe a little unfair and biased.

Now I might be harsh, because my expectations were set very high for this particular product, and in my opinion the product itself was really good, however you’re buying it for the games, which in my opinion still aren’t quite there yet. However just to make sure I’m not your sole influence when it comes to buying this product (reviews are like medical diagnosis, it’s always good to get a second opinion) I will post a review from a far more experienced reviewer than myself, the review below is made by a youtube user which should require no introduction, Blunty3000 .

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[RRR] Sony Playstation Move Review

So, like I mentioned on twitter and facebook, I was able to obtain 2 Playstation Move Controllers, and spent several hours preparing a couple of videos for you.

And if a picture is worth a 1000 words, imagine how many words is a 1h video @ 24 frames per second is worth.


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[RRR] Starcraft 2 Review

So the people have spoken and they asked for a Starcraft 2 Review. And with me you get what you asked for, so here it is, the Starcraft 2 Review, which is also the first episode in a series which I expect to be improving upon as much as possible, so I really must emphasize that I would really appreciate your feedback, E-mail me, post a comment, tell me if you enjoyed it or not.

Thank you.

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