Mass Effect 2: Final Moments (part 3)

Mass Effect 2

Final Moments Part 3

The third part of this series.

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Mass Effect 2: Final Moments (part 2)

Mass Effect 2

Final Moments Part 2

The second part of this series.

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Mass Effect 2: Final Moments (part 1)

So I finished Mass Effect 2 the other day (I played through ME1 before, and imported my save to ME2). And I was so blown away by how awesome the whole experience was that I just felt the need to do something to share the experience with you guys, this mini-series of my final moments in Mass Effect 2 is what I came up with.

Below the video you’ll find all the information you need to understand the context of the ending of Mass Effect 2. It took me a long time to get all that info together just to ensure you guys could fully understand the video even if you never played any of the games, so I hope you guys appreciate that :).

This series will consist of 3 videos, hope you guys enjoy.

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HengestKhan – Uncharted 2 The Sanctuary Co-op!

In this video you’ll see me and Hengest going through Co-op in Uncharted, I’m trying to get him back into console gaming, so for all you Hengest fans out there, this one’s for you!
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Global Agenda: HiRezDuke Gets Owned in PvE!

Me and Sidestrafe get together with the Global Agenda’s community manager HiRezDuke for some PVE action. Have a look, it was really fun to hang around with him and getting some of the inside scoop on what’s to come for Global Agenda!

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Mass Effect 1 – GETH MUST DIE !

Somehow I forgot to post this series here with all the stuff I’ve been doing, sorry about that!

Basically it’s a 3 clips series I made of a Mass Effect 1 mission commentary, hope you guys enjoy.
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[Wildcards] Battlefield : Bad Company 2

For everyone that missed it @ here’s the very first episode Co-op mode, featuring Rurikhan and Sidestrafe on Battlefield : Bad Company 2, kicking ass and shooting people in the face.

Remember to checkout because we took a long time building it for your viewing pleasure.


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Rurikhan’s Mass Effect LiveStream Archive …

Hey guys,

Yesterday I did some livestreaming as some of you might be aware, however this time around I configured to record it, so that everyone could enjoy it later.

I know there’s some quality kinks, and I’m working on that for the next livestream. In the meantime you can watch what I made in this post, hope you guys enjoy, I’m working on a schedule right now to make these and it should appear on a poll soon.

Also the best way to know when I’m streaming is to :
– Follow me on twitter
– Like my page on facebook
– Follow me on

Oh, and leave me your feedback plox 😛 .
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Black Ops of FAIL! : Episode 1

By popular request, here’s another black ops video, I got some plans for making a few more of these, I’m slowly getting into shooters, and failing my way through them is the only way to get better it seems … tips appreciated !

Thanks for watching.

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