Tera: Release Date Announced

TERA now has an official release date! So I decided to make this teaser video for TGN.

What do you guys think about it? Are you interested in TERA? Yes? No? Why?
Personally I’m into the combat, but I don’t know much of anything else in all honestly lol.

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Global Agenda – North Sonoran Desert

In this video you’ll see content from the next patch that will be released for Global Agenda. It’s basically a free expansion to a game which I already find really good, but it gets better.
HiRez Studio’s community manager joined us on this one, and gave us a pretty sweet exclusive, hope you guys enjoy.

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Global Agenda: HiRezDuke Gets Owned in PvE!

Me and Sidestrafe get together with the Global Agenda’s community manager HiRezDuke for some PVE action. Have a look, it was really fun to hang around with him and getting some of the inside scoop on what’s to come for Global Agenda!

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Rurikhan Show – “Diamonds falling out of their feet …”

Hello Guys,

Heres Rurikhan Show #11. Check it out, leave me your comments. I know I’m taking my time with these, I’ve just been really busy this week, doing TGN live streams and whatnot.
Hope you guys enjoy!

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Rurikhan Show – “Lazy Excuse to Prolong Content”

And here’s Rurikhan Show #10, switched up the format a little bit, I think it looks a little more professional and I kinda like it more like this.

Make sure to leave me some feedback.

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[Wildcards] Battlefield : Bad Company 2

For everyone that missed it @ wildcards.tv here’s the very first episode Co-op mode, featuring Rurikhan and Sidestrafe on Battlefield : Bad Company 2, kicking ass and shooting people in the face.

Remember to checkout wildcards.tv because we took a long time building it for your viewing pleasure.


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Something Wild is on the Horizon …

Here’s the explanation of the phrase I kept mentioning in my last Rurikhan Show. Rurikhan and Sidestrafe’s joint venture. The Wild Cards.

Please check it out, let us know what you think, leave us some feedback, all the links you need are below the video.

Also for a chance at wining a copy of ‘Half Life 2’ or ‘Half Life Life 2: Episode 1’ make sure to follow wildcardstv on twitter and like us on facebook.

Thanks for watching !

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Rurikhan Show – Why so dark ?

Hello guys,

Here’s another Rurikhan show, I had to make this one slightly longer and it has a different format than usual.

Due to the high count of comments, I opted for answering some comments, give a few news, answer some more comments, then some more news, and henceforth until the end of the show.

By the end of the second episode you’ll notice my voice is going, I don’t think I ever solo-commented something for over 2 hours.

Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy.

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Dungeon Siege 3 Gameplay

First impressions and play through of the Dungeon Siege 3 demo! Does this game have what it takes to compete in the hack and slash RPG arena? Lets find out!
Don’t forget to visit SideStrafe on YouTube! http://www.youtube.com/sidestrafe

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E3 Hardcore, Conclusion!

Final E3 Video, Hope you guys enjoyed the series, we will be resuming regularly scheduled programing soon :) .

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