Dark Souls VS Skyrim

In this post, you’ll find the video series I’ve made with Yong, where we compare Dark Souls and Skyrim, not for the purpose of picking a winner, but for the purpose of helping undecided gamers as to which game might be more suitable for them.

Which one would you pick ? EHEHEHE.

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[WoW] Strand of the Ancients Fail !

Hello guys,

I know my posting on the website hasn’t been the best, but I’m working on a Rurikhan Show today, I’ll try to explain everything that’s been going down.
Thank you for sticking with me and for your patience.


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[WoW] Titan’s Grip VS Single Minded Fury

In this video I’m testing out the Warrior Talent ‘Single Minded Fury’ against the talent ‘Titan’s Grip’ . The whole premiss of this test is basically to figure out what is working better for warriors at the moment, just from the talents themselves I would assume that ‘Titan’s Grip’ would come out on top, but will it really ? Watch the video and find out.

Titan’s Grip – Allows you to dual-wield two handed weapons, which usually make a lot more damage and have a lot better stats than their one handed counterparts.

Single Minded Fury – Gives you a 15% damage boost when your wielding two one-handed weapons. One handed weapons are usually faster thus leading to a more steady rage generation, which should allow you to make more special attacks.

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