Wing Commander Saga – Darkest Dawn, Brimstone 3

Wing Commander : Darkest Dawn
Brimstone 3

The Game is coming out on March 22nd!
Don’t miss out:

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Wing Commander Saga – Darkest Dawn Brimstone 1

And today for something completely different, meet Wing Commander Saga, a space combat simulator developed by Gamers, for Gamers.

If you were a fan of the Wing Commander series, you simply can’t miss this game, and if you weren’t a fan, you’re in luck, because it’s not too late, and this project will be completely free on launch, so check it out, you might just find that you are actually a fan of Wing Commander!

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[WoW] Maloriak as Protection Warrior Offtank

Hello Everyone, here’s another raid fight with my warrior, this time around we’re doing Maloriak, and I realize our strategy is a lot different than what most people use, but like I mention in the video, we don’t necessary look up tactics for every fight, a lot of times we fool around until we find something we like and then apply it.

I took some flak on youtube because of this fact it seems, oh well.
Thanks for watching!

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[WoW] ICC 10 Man Heroic : Blood Wing

So this has been one of my final raids, on account of my inactivity I had a very tough time finding a PUG that would take anywhere on account of me not having the proper achievements due to not having raid in 5 months.
But eventually I got into an heroic group with an old friend of mine Thunderboots, which allowed me to get some raiding action before cataclysm hits.
Hope you guys enjoy this one.

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