Dark Souls – Giant Furious Dude and Ricard …

In this episode, we continue to distribute free and indiscriminate prostate exams as we meet some new challenges, in the form a Giant Furious … Giant … and Ricard McStabbs. Next Episode We’ll prolly have to deal with the Iron Golem … After some shard farming ofc!

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Dark Souls – Onward, to Sen’s Fortress!

In this episode, we Journey to Sen’s Fortress to have some fun …All those traps, which just happen to have friendly damage … EHEHEHEH.

Snake peeps are never gonna know what hit em … well they might know, but it’s gonna be fun nonetheless.

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Dark Souls: Mildred & Queelag… Black Armor of Death!

In this episode, we fight Queelag with Maneater Mildred’s aid, what can possibly go wrong?
We’re also going to upgrade our armor, in a pretty unconventional way… ehehehe

I’m thinking about making a menu for all the boss fights I’m making for this series …
What do you guys think ?

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Rurikhan Show # 16 – Back in the car ?

In this show I couldn’t read viewer comments, but don’t fear, I’ll be sure to read morein the next one, this show was basically a little Nostalgia ride back to the days where I used to record videos on my car, several of you have mentioned you’ve been with me since those days so I thought I’d give a little taste of the old days, except for the fact that I didn’t have a Flip cam those days, so the quality has obviously improved!

Let me know how you liked it!

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Dark Souls – From Red Dragon’s Tail to Quelaag’s Domain …

In this episode, I chopped off the Red Dragon’s Tail … I’ll leave the details unspoken … After that I journeyed to Quelaag’s Domain, so a lot of you will probably guess what’s going to happen in the next episode …

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Dark Souls – Evil Lautrec, Easy Katana …

In this episode, we dispatch Knight Lautrec (because I don’t like his face). And we acquire a Katana, the easy way … YOU FORCED MY HAND INTERNET!!! I WASH MY HANDS OF THIS!!!

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Dark Souls – Weapon, Covenant and Leeroy Jenkins!

In this episode, I reveal the most voted choices for my weapon and covenant, and I bring you … Leeroy Jenkins! In Dark Souls … Enjoy!

Hope you guys are enjoying the series!

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Rurikhan Show # 15 – “Thank God I got out before the Pandas got loose!”

In this video we once again answer community questions, tell you all about the daily operations at Base Rurikhan and Praise the Dark Souls’s Gods for the breath of fresh air this brilliant piece of software brought to the gaming industry. – YO! FROM SOFTWARE! WHERE’S MY MONEY ?!?!


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Rurikhan Show # 14 – “Take a one week vacation from WoW!”

And here’s the Rurikhan Show #14, addressing comments and all the news.
Make sure you check http://wildcards.tv for my Diablo 3.
As always, let me know what you think about it!

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Rurikhan Show # 13 – “Oh wait … You’re in Portugal so Fuck You!”

Hello Everyone,

Time for Rurikhan show #13, I’m trying to churn it out as fast as possible to keep you guys up to date with all that’s going one, hope you enjoy and as always, keep giving me those comments and I’ll keep addressing as much as possible.

Thank you for being the best community in the world.

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