[WoW] Heroic Deadmines as Blood Death Knight

In this video I go over Blood Death Knights and Deadmines Heroic, Hope this helps all you Death Knights out there that are starting to tank. Also rant a little at start about the whole 329 item level thing, which I find ridiculous at this point and no you don’t need 329 to tank heroics, and there’s a a lot of people that assume 329 item level is all you need to tank heroics and they’re wrong, what need to do is know how to tank, not have some goddamn magic number in your inventory.

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10 thoughts on “[WoW] Heroic Deadmines as Blood Death Knight

  1. Hi Ruri, Well . what can you say , realy . you done it again AWSOME stuff, My DK is getting a major re-spec and pretty much on the same lines as yours, but i’ll never be as good as you m8. Keep up the fantastic work. Dont worry about the money returns at the moment people will soon learn your worth your weight in gold, your conrent is THE best on the web !!

  2. This might be off topic but i love your videos and they are excellent but what do you use to record and put your face into the video. You inspire me to make my own videos and im not sure on a program to use.

  3. Heya Rurik,

    Awesome video, something different from the Holy Paladin
    videos haha.
    And i think you are absolutely right about the item level to get into heroics. It’s mostly about skill and not, in your words, a magic number in your inventory :)

  4. Hey man,

    Awesome with capital A video as always.What can i say ppls was screaming at me how stupid I am to play DK as tank , cos they are crap and all that shits , but i prove them that they are wrong and your video is another example of that. One think i want to ask you tho,your current spec have 2/2 on Crimson Scourge – is that really worth it? As i don’t have it and i was asking myself since long ago should i put it or maybe not ?;p I loved Blood boil a lot but from the nerf / change when they remove the option to land the 10% debuff i kinda don’t use it that much anymore. Anyway keep the pure awesomeness in your videos because you are pleasure to watch.

    Mahavidya, Neptulon (EU)

  5. I’ll bet when onevia saw this i jumped through the roof with joy that you finally got this one out Rui hopefully he’ll take it a lil easy on you heh heh.

  6. LOL I do the same shit at the ropes sometimes to amuse myself. Funny to see someone scramble when you grab thier rope.

    Thanks for this, with my Warrior I blacksmithed the whole Pyrite tanking set for my DK. You can equip the whole set at 80 so I was going to start my DK leveling in a dungeon. I have to read a guide though because I’ve forgotten the rotation. They have so many strikes I’m not sure which ones besides the obvious I’ll need on my bar. I’m going to stop the video and see if I can see what you have other that the block one and heart strike.

  7. Hey M8 :-) U are so great to do this i i have c this so many times and over and over againe and will c next videeo fast againe and i hope i can c more dk videos soon :-)) and i play dk in silvermoon :-) i hope we can play somtimes.keep going that u do ..u are so good to do this video .

    take care


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