Merry Christmas Everyone, and a Happy New Year !

Merry Christmas Everyone, Happy New Year, I’m going to be away for a few days, expect me back on the 3rd of January with new content for you guys.
Thank you all for being awesome and supporting me, cheers.

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10 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Everyone, and a Happy New Year !

  1. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you as well Rurikhan.

    Nice to hear you plan to come on horde side in a pvp realm :)

    You should definitely create a guild there and invite people that are following you with the vids :) I would be pleased to join!

  2. come to bladefist!! its a pvp server.
    i also wish you a happy new year.
    i hope i can lvl with you etc if you come to bladefist.
    that would be really nice.
    also i love your videos. i’m also a tank but i’m now 61 because i restarted since 2 years.
    so i hope i can welcome you on bladefist. do you also take rurikhan as character name?


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