Rurikhan Show – Your Show !

And here’s another exciting episode where I give back to you, my community made out of sheer awesomeness with pwnsauce, here is the show tailored for you, the Rurikhan Show you all like to participate in.

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27 thoughts on “Rurikhan Show – Your Show !

  1. Hi Ruri, Your video’s are awsome m8. big Gratts. you don’t need to change a thing. Yours are the best content on the world wide web. Keep up the fantastic work. I wish thr were people like you on my server.

  2. Lol i was so few mages before keep up the good work on your vids man i only found them a month ago but your vids are my fav and have inspired me to make a warrior tank.

    not a dwarf but still a tank thanks for all the tips id love to see more vids for prot warrior with any tips you can give newer tanks

    also not sure if you know this cause never seen you do it but if you pop berserker rage which makes you immune to fear sleep and charm you can use enraged Regen anytime there’s no draw backs to beserker rage trust me =) just a pointer don’t know if you know.

  3. Hey Ruri

    Im a big fan of you and i enjoy your videos as hell. Also the live stream was awesome too. Keep up the good work man! :p

  4. Hi Rurikhan
    I was thinking about if you could make some leveling and gold guides it would be awesome and you could maybe make some money out of it.
    Ofc another great video keep making the good work.


  5. I would like to see more ustreams but seems like i keep missing them. Seems like you would have to stay on a strict time schedule for all this to happen i’m sorry for the lack of money issues that you are making and hope you will get sponsered by blizzard in tgn i’ve watched you since your first videos and loved tanking ever since. I myself am on a mission due to the fact that many ppl play songs with the bass is lacking in the correct way to play them i’m showing ppl the correct way to play them and the inspiration came from you and i thankyou i’m sure that you will get more sponsers as the months roll by.

    Finally i can’t wait to see quicky doing live commentary with you and see him at your place plus i’m sure quicky will be pulling some funny stunts while your on the cpu.

    Thanks, Grats, and best wishes too you
    P.S I promise i won’t make this long of a comment again LUL =)

  6. Another good video ruri thanks, and the thing in parenthesis is the name of my WoW warrior tank =p also fury pvp which i find to be great.

  7. To bad that warlock’s dident win, but I still hope you will lvl one.
    You will do the right thing! I just know it 😉 lol
    Remember that if you pick a warlock, all you are going to do is DPS. No one will never tell you to heal like for a shaman.

    Btw love your vids, Every day after work I comes home and look on your site for a new great vid!

    Have a great day.

    / Christoffer

  8. Hi man, I Like all your vids, they are really funny and helpful, I hope you get sponsors and that stuff. I wish you luck, health and money. keep up the good work.

  9. Hey Rurikhan, first time poster, long time listener.

    I feel you should make a Warlock because Shaman’s are another melee class and I feel you would get bored with it quickly. I leveled a Rogue first which I despised once I got into ICC, then after watching your guides I made a tauren warrior and tanked every heroic in WotLK and Cataclysm (Thank you very much by the way) I had an absolute blast tanking, and following your guides I quickly became the main tank in my guild, and soon enough I was teaching others to tank using the methods that you showed in your videos. They loved it, and now they all have a tanking off spec.

    Then I made a goblin shaman because I wanted something different like you do. I leveled him from 1-85 in about two weeks of just ele/resto, but after I felt that Ele was a “turret-style” spec, I gave enhancement a shot. Once I was enhancement I was doing WAYY more DPS and had a lot more buttons to push which made me like the spec more. But then I’m back playing a melee class when I rolled him in the first place to be a ranged DPS.

    Now, since mages are OP as hell, Priests aren’t my style, that leaves me with Warlock. I’ve always wanted to level a Warlock, but part of me wants to make a druid. You haven’t made any videos on druids so I’m not sure how they are at 85. So, in my opinion, you should make either a Warlock or a Balance/Feral (tank) druid. If you do a Druid (as much as you hate leveling anything but dwarves), you could make tanking guides for it, and have the fun of playing a ranged DPS. Then if you find that ranged DPS isn’t your style, switch to Feral DPS!

    By the way, if you’re rolling on a new server, could I possibly level with you? :-)

    Thanks a lot for everything, keep up the good work Rurikhan!

  10. Hey mr. Rurikhan, ofcourse love your vids. Lifestream was great entertainment but couldnt hear audio as i was working and ninja watching it…

    Also props and thanks on the tanking/healing/ui vids, not just the tactics but general playing tips are great. I try to spam ur url here and there and hope ppl come here to learn how to play cause pugs can sometime be realy time/gold consuming.

    I would like to see more achievement tips, i realy enjoyed the HoR vid and u got some more stuff to babble about, always nice ^^.
    Also it would be nice to have a bit more organised layout on your website with maybe newest vids on top and then a show section, tank section, healer section, add on section and so on.

    keep up the good work and i hope money comes rolling in for ya soon so u can make more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more vids

  11. Rui i just want an opinion on the WOW gaming mouse by steelseries and what you think about it also i would like a video on some good/new gaming equip. to use for wow and what is and is not neccesary to have

  12. Hello, thank you for your answer about the music. I didn’t knew all this premission stuff, even I didn’t knew it was your Own music, so yeah keep doing as you are, and good day to you :p

  13. Miztic can post short comments, here’s the proof:

    GJ on vids, thx for fun!

    See that would have been a short post if I stopped there, but you know me, I always have to write sh*tloads of uninteristing stuff :)

    Let’s get straight to the point, my main is warlock and that’s the main reason I do not want you to play one, because I am pretty sure you’re going to fail at it and I’ll harass you posting things here over and over explaining why you should have rolled the shaman instead :)

    More seriously, when you’ve mentioned you were going to roll a dwarf shaman you said that you liked the idea of a shaman throwing lightning spells –> this meant your were supposed to be ELEMENTAL. In this video you’re pretending you wanted to be meleeing with 2 1H hammers (ENHANCEMENT) and you wouldn’t want to have another melee char O_o

    I suppose that it’s the fact that you played MAGIKA who made you want to play a caster ^^

    Just kidding overall ofc, just play what you enjoy the most, it could be TETRIS that I would still watch your comments :)

    Keep going, Miz

  14. First comment, but been watching you since I found you over tgn.
    Really like your videos. One more vote for Warlock!

    Continua assim e boa sorte com isso!

  15. Thank you for the death knight guide it helped me alot. I have one question what is your opinion on one handers vs. two handers? I have thought long and hard about it but im not sure what to use. I’m currently duel weilding but I’m interested to hear what you have to say.

  16. will you be making any more prot pally vids at all? cuz thats what i am and thats what i like to see. keep up the good work 😀

  17. “Hello and welcome to another TG.. SHUT UP!” LOL

    Just wanna say i absolutely LOVE your tanking and healing. Watching you and Towelliee made me take up tanking (DK) and healing (pala). I really hope you continue making the vids you do. The live commentary and post commentary are both awesome. I enjoy watching your Warrior tank and pala healer more, as towelliee overloads us with prot pala. xD

    Also i love your awesome accent and the way you say balls =P

  18. awesome vids rurikhan…like the ones on TGN aswell. keep up yhe good work. Oh and eh…shamans and warriors are my favo classes in wow :)

  19. more H pally vids i play one myself i had the same thing that happened to u i got my rogue geared for raids but they need healers >.< anyways was hard to get figure out healing sense iv never done before buy now im geared for raids anyways your vids are just really entertaining and u got enought tanking :) also h pally raids would also be cool to add.

  20. Hey Rurikhan,

    As a PC user I was wondering one thing: since you say you have Windows 7 on your MAC, does it mean you can run any game made for PC on it without compatibility issues?

    Thx for info :)

  21. Hey, ive watched your videos since wotlk and wow youve just got better and better, i love your videos there full of humor and they are released very frequently sometimes 3 per day its just amazing ! please never stop your amazing ! you made me go prot on my warrior and im leveling a resto druid and cant wait to heal raids !

  22. You’re simply the best at what you’re doing, Ruri! Been watching your videos for several, several months now, and they always deliver 😀

    Also love these new “community-sentred” videos of yours!

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