[WoW] Atramedes as Fury Warrior

Here’s another Raiding video,

In this one I’m playing as Fury Warrior, hope you guys enjoy it, leave me some feedback and don’t forget to click the like button !


(press read more for video)

5 thoughts on “[WoW] Atramedes as Fury Warrior

  1. Hi, man. Would like to see some hard modes. What’s the point to make guides for normals after, how much is it, 5 months since the Cata release?
    It’s my first comment on your vids, so thanks for them and especially for that old DK guide.

  2. Also, maybe a new prot.warrior guide, as I’m leveling my own and didn’t find any 4.0+ warrior guides from you.

  3. Eyy Rui another ecxellent video and gz for this amazing web site continue your Job and try sleep a few more for you healt :)……only one question what software use for you screen recording??? can use in win7 ???…ty for you reply

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