[WoW] Blood Death Knight Heroics Guide (patch 4.0.3)

This video is my death knight tanking guide updated for patch 4.0.3. Hope this helps all you ‘bloody’ tanks out there getting started with cataclysm. ICC footage should be up tomorrow.

(press read more for video)

11 thoughts on “[WoW] Blood Death Knight Heroics Guide (patch 4.0.3)

  1. Sucks that you couldnt get a tank spot but if your gonna give more attention to your warrior arms is easier to use and seems to have a higher dps than fury

  2. LOL the glyph ending was classic. The look on your face… Thanks again for an entertaining video. Just noticed you need to fix this: “This video is my paladin” in the description though.

  3. I love the tip about using Festering Strike to refresh diseases, I’ve never thought of that. Thanks!

    Is there a way with the embedded player to get a bigger picture? I noticed if I go straight to blip.tv and find your videos, I get a much larger picture.

  4. Iťs sh*it furry is and always will be better to PvE than Arms…. every patch Iam trying both spec to PvE and always win furry… and furry is really easy

  5. Hi Rui,Lewis again do you think DK tanking is fun beacuse i am not sure wether to make a war or change my lvl 80 death knight to tank, as i becoming pretty bored off dps and want a change.This video is very helpful
    Good work

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  7. Just a couple tips:

    Alot of the time it’s more effective to go diseaseless at least while pulling initially and wait to apply diseases after you have solid threat [2-3 heart strikes/blood boils]. Diseases have been nerfed significantly so the threat they provide isn’t quite as effective as it used to be.

    But apart from that you seem to have the mechanics down.

  8. Hi great vid once again m8 :) i personally dont use diseases im a diseaseless tank it is a lot easier and keeeps just as much threat. You only use death strike, heart strike, rune strike and Death and Decay i find it alot better and easier :)

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