[WoW] Halls of Origination Achievement Run as Protection Paladin

In this video I cover Halls of Origination as a Protection Paladin and try to get as much achievements in as possible while doing the heroic.

Hope you guys enjoy.

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16 thoughts on “[WoW] Halls of Origination Achievement Run as Protection Paladin

  1. Hey Ruri thanks for reading my last comment something else i wanted to know is what do you think about arenas and would you consider doing some videos about them?

  2. Rurikhan, personally i’d rather you play one game and be really good at it. Like with WoW you could have a survey of what character people want you to play (like what role, ect, ect) and then gear that character up. You could have raiding videos of all the raids and how to. I think this is much more entertaining. Of course this is MY opinion, but i think people would agree with me. But whatever you choose I am a fan. Been watching for a while. Good job and good luck Ruri.

  3. Alec,

    Im sure people who play wow agree. But people not playing the game would disagree… This is an everlasting discussion :)

    Im also not a fan of the other work, but watch all the movies of wow (and no I dont play any of his chars).

    Though I must agree seeing raid video’s more often is what Id like to see aswell…

    The times of heroics has been done by me :)

    Maschi from Thunderhorn!

  4. Hey ruri, greeting for greece ! I wanna say thanks for accepting my friend invite at facebook! I love all type of your videos. But i will prefer warrior or holy pala ! Only because i see you more happy when you play with them, an most importand when you play and comment live! Anyway, i wanna ask about raids.. you said that you make some raids… any thoughts that you can start a new line of videos with raiding stuff ?

  5. hey ruri are u goın to be put out the project of u levelıng a goblın warrıor i really want to see how the low lvl content ıs wıth a warrıor to see ıf ı should lvl 1. thx and great vıd agaın keep up the good work ….. RURİ RULEZ FROM TURKEY

  6. Terroist names FTW but great vid as always. i was wandering if you are still doing your goblin tank(i think it was)as im looking forward to that the most =D.

    If possible could you make like a account creation on your website as kinda anoyin fillin all that stuff out thank you =D

  7. very good vid,in fact yours are the only vids i watch anymore because ,well the others annoy me there is some with no commentary or poor commentary,and to be honest i am a warrior to the core!my first toon was a warrior and he is and always will be my main.You hands down have the best vids about raid and dungeon warrior play i have ever seen.Keep up the stellar work.You rock!

  8. as always your the best :) I love the fact that many of your videos in heroics have achievements in them. That just makes them stand out and better then anyone elses videos out there.

  9. LOL terrorist names. I guessing the number of middle eastern subscribers may have just gone down. Superman is dissapointed, I got a laugh am I a nerd now too?

    Rui I agree you make the best vids. I wouldn’t waste my time posting here if I didn’t think so. I appreciate the coverage of tactics on the trash and bosses as well as the acheivments.

    You mentioned maybe doing some pvp. I know you are partial to Arms but I would like to see an impartial as possible comparison with Fury for PVP for the average pvp-er like us. I was arms too before they fixed it up some but I like the current heals and mobility of Fury to the point were I don’t know if I want to go back.

    PS my Dk is 85 now, I agree the rune mechanic is pretty challenging.

  10. Totally unrelated, and no homo but I thought of you today Rui. I was tanking my daily on my Warrior (Grim Batol). 1/2 way through we got a new healer and on the last boss he died to shadow gale.

    After explaining the tactics he said “anyone Portugese”? I thought it mildly odd since I’m on a US server. I replied no I’m not Rurikhan lol. I then told him that I spoke Spanish (knowing that they are neighboring countries and Protugese is similar). He said he spoke Spanish and so I was able to explain the fight and we took the boss down. It was a little bit of unexpected fun to use my biligual skills and help one of your countrymen. You owe me a 7UP or Sprite now, your choice.

  11. I said it before, and I’ll say it again… and now others are saying it. We want raid vids! Any raid vids! Vent chatter or guides. Whatever they are, we’ll take them.

    Also, if you have any recordings of healing instances that you haven’t posted yet… i.e. Throne of the Tides, Lost City… etc…


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