[WoW] Heroic Deadmines as Prot Warrior

Hello Everyone,

Here’s a Deadmines Heroic Run with my warrior as a Protection Tank. The news I had is that I am probably going to return to raiding with my Warrior TANK ! BOO-YAH !!!!

I enjoyed healing and all that, but in all honesty I think at the end of the day if I’m not in friggin RAGEMODE beating the face of a boss (or getting my own face beaten …) I just become a little like … meah … bored.

Anyways hope you guys enjoy, and see you on the next one !

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32 thoughts on “[WoW] Heroic Deadmines as Prot Warrior

  1. Hey Rurikhan nice vid, just has one question, that addon with damagemeter and threat you got, what’s it’s called?

  2. This is what ive been waiting for ruri i can already tell your more happy as a warrior tank and man good video cannot wait to see some raid footage on your warrior.

  3. Rui, i feel like your really losing the unique thing about your videos.. which was when you put out a wow video it wasnt just one video and one class.. it was 3 videos and 3 classes its been so long since ive seen you heal with your holy paladin and even longer since your deathknight tanking.. lately its just prot warrior and paladin, and even then its only for maybe 2-3 videos.. the rest is F2P, DvD, Rift etc i hate those games.. all of them.. sure you can cover them but WoW is what you originally did and if you keep this up your going to lose me as a viewer and im sorry to say that.. but if you were making 4-5 wow videos a week.. and 2 or so other ones.. would make it better… just dont forget your roots rui and i know that alot of people agree with me.

  4. Hello,

    Nice video Rui. That’s great if you started doing raids with your warrior, I’m waiting for raid video :)


  5. Finally,the great comeback of Rurikhan,the raging Prot Warrior we all love!
    “I’ve got rage pouring out of my fucking eyeeeeeeeeeees!!!”

  6. A resounding YES!! We like your protection videos. Public opinion will vary, but I strongly feel you do have a following for your tanking videos and I am one of them. Thank you for posting this video up!

  7. Great news the you are doing raiding on your Warrior! I started a while back with my guild and have gotten to tank 9/12 normal with my limited schedule.

    Lol people should get the forehead axe if they derp something in teh dungeon, like a badge of shame or something! I started to lol when it started to gush blood.

    The guy running with the goblin boss on his head was hilarious, I don’t think that guy will ever have the mind set to tank.

    Also Rui, I know you are always working on your accent so I tell you this out of love and not to troll lol. But Semi with an american accent, the E is no pernounced like “sea” but like “Echo”. Good one again, thanks!

  8. Rurikhan, I need more videos! More videos NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWO!
    I don’t care if its Rift, if its WoW, if its some other random game under the sun! But if you don’t deliver me a new video by 1am tonight (hour and a half!) I will be forced to… cry a river of tears! these tears will continue to flood and drown countless City’s, Towns and country every hour a country will suffer until a new video is up!

  9. hey ruri, love your stuff man! i just started playing wow in january, started a warrior and started tanking. i am getting ready for raiding but i would like your advice on when i should be using demo shout. thanks in advance. also, love this video, glad to see you back on your warrior!

  10. Rurikhan its almost been a full week with no new videos! i dont know if i can handle it much longer must have videos! feeling.. with.. draw p a i NABHDASBKDKANDANDMAKDJ ADipa]sjd] FAFJDA P>? O.o

  11. I DEMAND HEROIC ZG/ZA VIDS TODAY! You better be recording, I know you are trying to loot whore all the plate upgrades so you can tank on your prot warrior. Thank you very much and have a wonderful day :)

  12. Yup same here. I hope that you are ok. Because of no any news and there was patch. If you are busy or smthing, only say hello, so we will know thet you are ok.

  13. I can see that he made a post on Twitter on t he 27th how ever, it wasn’t to say he was around or any thing, i really hope he is ok, more for selfish reasons! i want to watch more videos!

    Ruri please let us all know you are ok!

  14. Feel kinda disappointed to find this, i think Ruri may be giving up on this channel? because he is still uploading to TGN but not here. I’m a little confused by it because i have followed Ruri for a very long time now and check this site every day at least 3 times a day to see if any new updates.

    How ever, he is still uploading on TGN as i said, you can see a video added on the 29th here – http://www.youtube.com/user/TGN#p/u/4/Y7Fjk7gYgy8

    Really hope you have not given up on this site Ruri.

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