[WoW] Out of Ashes Raiding, Behind the Scenes

In this video I’m experimenting with a new format, uncommented video just with ventrilo chatter of Raid Boss experimentation. I really hope you guys enjoy this format, but please let me know what you think, leave some feedback so that I know if you enjoyed it or not.

Thank you for watching.

22 thoughts on “[WoW] Out of Ashes Raiding, Behind the Scenes

  1. I might have posted this a bit too early, the file is still being processed, come back in half an hour, sorry about that !

  2. It was fun to whatch. :) Gotta ask for two things; will you tank in raids? And are you gonna try Starwars the old republic when it comes out or do you only play wow as an mmo? ūüėõ

  3. Hey Ruri,

    As you’ve requested here’s my opinion:

    I liked the video but I have to admit I prefer way better when you are commenting the videos. It just brings a lot more when you are analizing the situation and explaining what’sg going on and how you can deal better or easier with it.

    By watching this I also felt like your guild should give your opinion more importance, you really should be the raid leader according to me tbh! They were just pulling too fast without everyone knowing who would run where and gong the shit. Definiteley skilled players but lack of organizazion (something YOU could bring to them! /facepalm to Quickynl for not understanding that)

    I suppose you are using mouseover macros for healing since you don’t need to select your target on Healbot –> a guide of it would be awesome :)

    + 1 for a new video on how to set-up that beautiful interface, you’ve skipped some steps on your first video about it I would definitely like to see the full thing (and plenty of other peeps too am pretty sure) since I’m leveling a dwarf paldin myself –> guess who’s fault? :)

    You use a razer lachesis mouse, if I’m not wrong it has 2 more buttons on the RIGHT side of it, are you using ’em? If not why?

    One last question: Is raid healing more stressful then tanking?

    Thank you very much again for the enteretainement dude, you’re the best!

  4. Little hello from a french player, working on my english comprehesion with your videos :)
    I personaly loved this video, because its one of the first time I see raid groups wipe (I mean, on videos ;D). that’s a great mark of humility.

    I also liked the way you all 10 discoverd the boss abilities, and I like it this way, without commentary, so we can hear the entire dialog between the players, and they are not so much bad in what they say.

    Good job, as allways :p

  5. Olá, sou brasileiro e acompanho o seu trabalho desde que iniciei na Blizzard e é muito bom saber que um amigo de mesmo idioma possui tanto prestígio no mundo do World of Warcraft. Você é uma pessoa fantástica e seus vídeos são os melhores e mais explicativos que eu posso acompanhar e aprender para melhorar meu warrior tank. Eu tenho todos os seus vídeos baixados no itunes e sempre que encontro dificuldades eu os consulto para ver como você fez aquele boss e quais táticas utilizou. Quanto ao novo método utilizado neste vídeo, eu sinceramente não gosto. Prefiro a sua explicação, é muito mais clara e de fácil entendimento. Talvez se você utilizasse uma mistura dos dois tipos ficaria legal. De toda forma não deixarei de acompanhar o seu trabalho, ele é fantástico!

    Um forte abraço

    Thorvaldsen – Brazilian Knights

  6. Hi Rurikhan.
    I can see you got a new UI, can you make a new UI video because i thing you have maked alot of changes.
    Can you also tell abit about paladin healing , because i got a paladin and want a little information about healing in raid and stuff.

    Posted By:

    Name: Satrilina
    Realm: Tarren Mill
    Faction: Horde
    Guild: a noobie 1

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