[WoW] Protection Paladin Shadowfang Keep Heroic

In this video I go over a Shadowfang Keep run that turned out extremely well despite the fact that it was a completely random pug, we ended up doing quite a speedy run in fact, hope you guys enjoy.

(press read more for video)

13 thoughts on “[WoW] Protection Paladin Shadowfang Keep Heroic

  1. Great work. I’m your fan Rurikhan, if that term is apropriate for this kind of thing, I really enjoy your videos about tanking. You’re my tank guru, just like the fameous BRK was my guru of Hunters. Anyway I’m looking forward to watch more of your videos about tanking, and thanks to you I learned about the exsistence of TidePlates addon. Thank you very much!


  2. First of all great job on the video guides!

    1. Are you using Shadowed Unit Frames in your heroic stonecore video with a blizzard skin or is it an entirely different addon?

    2. I also noticed that your floating combat text are moved lower so that it doesn’t cover your character/target. How did you do this?

    Please advise! Thanks and keep up the great work!

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