[WoW] Protection Warrior Heroic Blackrock Caverns

In this video I go over a Blackrock Caverns run I made recently, I barely use any CC at all, since under the circumstances it wasn’t really needed, I’m also commenting on tactics for each of the bosses. Hope you guys enjoy it.

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13 thoughts on “[WoW] Protection Warrior Heroic Blackrock Caverns

  1. ” You want Blizzard to kill people!” You said it dude!

    Tabloids all around the world are going to publish it on first page! :)

    How do you do to understand all the tactics for bosses, I suppose it’s not just analyzing the fight and the wipes? Do you read tacs on some internet site or smth?

    Btw now your vids are available on Youtube as well, do you prefer having comments here or on your Youtube channel?

    GJ with this guide btw!

    • Well to be honest for the heroic 5man bosses, we analyzed the fights (as a guild mostly) in normal and then re-analyzed them in HC and eventually it becomes clear to you what to do, I can’t really explain much beyond that because that’s all we did :)

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  3. Your video’s are awesome! Very informative; helped me a lot with some basic things that may seem easy for you but for a noob…made a world of difference. I’ve been looking all over your site for the guides on how to mark for cc as a tank, fast and efficently havent found anything. Do you have one made on this site? You mentioned that you had one I think in one of your video’s..
    Keep up the good work

  4. Another great vid awesome commentary! Fianlly back to your war tank!! Looking forward to the next vid and bring on the raids. :)

  5. This is a retarded questions, but can you explain exactly how to use the intervene ability? I click it and get the glowing cursor and then i don’t know if i click on a person in my party, or their icon, or the enemy?

    Keep up the good works on the prot warrior videos, they’ve helped me immensely.

  6. hey rurikhan i really want screenshot of ur ui lol i desperately wanna set it up i cant get good look at your keybinds/all spells with vids could please send me a screenshot:) thx dude another great vid

  7. Hey Ruri, I am a massive fan, I watched your UI vids and i made my UI just like yours, its alot easier and omen helps a crap load with aggro, I also like to say you are a really good tank. Look up my toon and tell me what you think :) Irdor 85 warrior, aman’thul. Love your vids/guides helped me so much. can you please make an engineering guide? that would be awesome 😀 anyways thank you for your time and YOU ARE AWESOME!! :) Cya later, Aaron

    p.s (write back please :P)

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