Halo Reach has reached store shelves !

This game should require no introduction, but I shall make one nonetheless. Halo has been one of the most loved shooters of this generation, developed by Bungie, published and owned by the almighty Microsoft, it started out in Xbox, PCs and even made it’s way onto the Macintosh.

I’m talking about the very first Halo game obviously. I played the first Halo and I have to say I had a blast playing it, it was a very fun game which I enjoyed enough to play to the end, and actually replayed it up until roughly midgame.

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After this huge success Microsoft naturally moved to capitalize on the franchise using it as one more reason for people to buy an Xbox, making the next iterations of the game, Xbox exclusives.

Halo 2 soon followed, and a title spinoff that i believe wasn’t very sucessfull : Halo Wars, which tried to bring Halo to the RTS genre.
Now I don’t own an Xbox so I can’t really speak too much about Halo’s 2, 3 and 3:ODST , but I remember reading a few articles here and there which led me to believe that after the first one, Halo was praised by many fans, and despised by many others (viewed basically as milking the cow for what it was worth).

Regardless of the conflicting opinions, the game has it’s followers, and apparently there’s a lot of them because there’s a ton of marketing around this franchise, in fact I believe there are even anime series and books about it at the moment and I’ve heard rumors that there was even a special Xbox console(!) limited edition with a Halo theme style, so there’s definitely a market for Halo out there.

Be that as it may, I unfortunately don’t own an Xbox 360, and can’t really afford one at the moment, I have a Wii a PS3 and an iMac, so basically this prevents me from reviewing this game for you guys, however I will post the reviews of Gametrailers.com and G4TV.com below for your convenience.

Gametrailers.com Review :

G4TV.com Review:

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